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Be the Change

An integral part of Chocolates & Chai is helping people. The food blog has always been about providing delicious recipes that have been tested and perfected, entirely for free. 

While I can't make a free shop (as much as I'd love to be able to!), I feel that it's important that The Chocolates & Chai Shop do its part to help those in need. As such, 3% of profits from all sales are donated to charity each quarter. 

My personal goal is to be able to increase this to over 20%.

To this effect, I've created the Today for Tomorrow line - premium quality t-shirts with a subtle but stylish design, the perfect way to look good while doing something great! 25% of the profit from each of these items will be donated to charity each quarter. 

Thank you for supporting Chocolates & Chai, and thank you for helping to make the world a little better wherever we can.